Friday, December 26, 2008

What's Young Lovecraft?

Young Lovecraft was in the beginning (and still is) a webcomic based on the hilarious childhood of American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. What if all those horrendous creatures that live in Lovecraft's tales were met him when he was just a child? Our comicstrips are an homage to the Master of Horror Lovecraft, but also a funny way to take a look at his early days as a writer (and why not?), magician and misanthropic boy.

With a burtonesque style, Bart Torres draws the plots by Jose Oliver, which result is a comic that not only Lovecraft's lovers will like but all comicbook readers.
Doy you like striped clothes? Ghouls? Edgar Allan Poe and other fi-de-siecle writers? Tentacles? THIS IS YOUR COMIC.

Young Lovecraft has been released in Spain by Diabolo Publishing with quite success in that country: over 3,000 sold issues of the Volume 1. Soon it will be released in English.

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